KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve

KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve
KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve KZ67F-16C GOST Gas flat gate valve
category GOST
serial number
product GOST Gas flat gate valve   
product 2 GOST natural gas flat gate valve  
GOST lpg flat gate valve  
GOST Gas flat gate valve  
GOST natural gas flat gate valve  
GOST lpg flat gate valve   
model KZ67F-16C
Connection standard GOST
design standards GB/T19672 
The main material WCB
Flange hole size GOST 12820
Nominal diameter (MM) DN50-DN900
Nominal pressure (MPA) 1.6
Valve stem 2CR13
Spool / ball 16MN
Gasket PTFE
Flange sealing surface (RF)/ (FF) /
(FM) / (M)
Connection Type FLANGE
Applicable medium gas
Design temperature -29~+121℃
Product Introduction Product Introduction
  KZ67F-16C Russian standard gas flat gate valve is a sliding valve with parallel gates as the closing part. The closing part can be a single gate or a double gate with a spreading mechanism. The pressing force of the gate to the valve seat is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or the floating valve seat. If it is a double gate flat gate valve, the expansion mechanism of the two gates can supplement this pressing force. Flat gate valves are suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipelines, gas pipelines and other transportation pipelines, venting systems and steam storage devices, as opening and closing device. This product is suitable for long-distance pipelines for natural gas extraction and purification. The diameters of flat gate valve is from DN25 to DN1200. It can be suitable for the pressure from 0.6MPa~45MPa(150Lb~3000Lb). Flat gate valves with diversion holes are used for pipelines that require ball pigging, and no diversion holes are used for pipelines that do not require ball pigging. The product has low flow resistance and can be cleaned directly by pipe cleaner.. Since the gate slides on the two valve seat surfaces, it also can be suitable for media with suspended particles, and the sealing surface of the flat gate valve is actually automatically positioned. The seat sealing surface will not be damaged by thermal deformation of the valve body.
Features of Product
The valve seat adopts an O-ring seal and a floating seat structure that applies pre-tightening force, which makes the inlet and outlet of the flat gate valve two-way sealed; and the opening and closing torque of this structure is only half of that of ordinary valves, which can easily open and close the valve .
When the valve is fully opened, the passage is smooth and straight, the flow resistance coefficient is extremely small, and there is no pressure loss. The pipeline can be cleaned by the hair ball.
The valve adopts a packing structure with self-sealing capability, without frequent adjustments. It is extremely easy to open and close. The gasket has reliable sealing performance. The stuffing box is equipped with an auxiliary sealing grease injection structure. The sealing performance is absolutely reliable and no leakage, which solves the general problem that the most prone to leakage of valve packing.
When the flat gate valve is closed, the high pressure in the inner cavity can be automatically removed to ensure safety.
Fully enclosed structure, good protection performance, it is suitable for all-weather requirements.
The sealing structure of the valve seat is elastic and pre-tightened, and the upstream and downstream sealing seats are sealed at the same time. The valve seat and the seal are always face-to-face sealing.
The valve seat has a self-cleaning function and is not directly washed by air flow during the opening or closing of the valve. The valve seat is made of lubricating, non-wearing materials.
Other parts of the valve can maintain normal operation if the actuator fails. It also can be repaired and replaced without disassemble the valve.
For metal-to-metal sealed valves, there is a grease injection structure on the outside of the valve body. The grease enters the valve sealing surface through the grease injector and valve seat, to keep no leakage.
The valve seat adopts the sealing surface inlaid with PTFE, which has a double seal of PTFE to metal and metal to metal. The PTFE sealing surface can also  remove the dirt on the gate.
The gate and valve seat are treated with special technology, spray-welded hard alloy, wear-resistant PTFE, to realize double sealing. It can also be greased to assist the double protection of the seal, the seal is more reliable, and the service life is longer.
The gate of the valve with diversion hole, whether it is fully open or fully closed, is always consistent with the sealing surface, and the sealing surface is protected from direct erosion by the medium, thereby prolonging the service life.
The valve is equipped with an indicator rod or observation window to show the opening and closing of the valve.
(Class150~900LB/PN1.0~16.0MPa, working temperature -29~121℃) oil and natural gas transmission pipeline.
Transportation pipeline and storage equipment of refined oil.
Oil and natural gas extraction wellhead devices.
Medium with suspended particles.
City gas transmission pipeline.
Water industry.
Product Selection Suggestions
For oil and natural gas pipelines, you can choose a flat gate valves with single or a double gates. If you need to clean the pipeline, you can choose a single or double gate open-rod flat gate valve with diversion holes.
For the transportation pipeline and storage equipment of the refined oil, you can choose a flat gate valve with a single gate or a double gate without diversion holes.
For oil and natural gas mining wellhead devices, you can choose a single-gate or double-gate flat gate valves with dark rod floating valve seats and diversion holes, most of which are API 6A standards, and the pressure levels are API2000, API3000, API5000, API10000, API15000, API20000 .
For pipelines with suspended particulate media, you can choose a knife-shaped plate gate valves.
For the city gas pipeline, you can choose a single gate or double gate soft-seal open-rod flat gate valve.
For urban tap water pipeline, you can choose a single or double ram plate gate valves without diversion holes.


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