KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve

KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve
KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve KJY41N-16C GOST Gas globe valve
category GOST
serial number
product GOST Gas globe valve
product 2 GOST natural gas globe valve
GOST lpg globe valve
GOST Gas globe valve
GOST natural gas globe valve
GOST lpg globe valve
model KJY41N-16C 
Connection standard GOST
design standards GB/T12235 
The main material WCB
Flange hole size GOST 12820
Nominal diameter (MM) DN15-DN200
Nominal pressure (MPA) 1.6
Valve stem 2CR13
Spool / ball 2CR13
Gasket PTFE
Flange sealing surface (RF)/ (FF) /
(FM) / (M)
Connection Type FLANGE
Applicable medium gas
Design temperature -29~+121℃
Product Introduction Product Introduction
KJY41N-16C Russian standard globe valve is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure condition. It is also suitable for working conditions in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, electric power and other industries. It plays a role in cutting off, connecting and regulating the flowing medium in the pipeline. The products produced by kmo have reliable quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service.
Features of Product
Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reduced diameter runner.
Reasonable matching of sealing materials and durable.
The valve disc is conical, the valve stem is equipped with an inverted seal, which makes the sealing performance is quite good. The valve stem is flexible in operation and the torque of opening and closing is small.
The piping standards and connection forms are optional. (such as socket welding, butt welding, threaded connection)
V-shaped forming PTFE is used as the dynamic seal, and the packing is pressed as the initial seal. With the increase of medium pressure, the packing sealing performance is enhanced. It has self-sealing function and does not require manual maintenance. It is suitable for high and medium pressure pipelines. This valve is all equipped with an inverted seal. When the valve is opened, the valve must be fully opened to make the inverted seal work to increase the service life of the packing. This valve is light to open, and its operating force is much smaller than other ordinary valves, especially with high inlet and low outlet, such as the diameter is equal or more than DN200.

Working Principle
Once the shut-off valve is in the open state, its valve seat and valve clack sealing surface will be separated, so that the sealing surface suffers less mechanical wear. The valve seat and valve disc of most globe valves are always need to repair or replace. For kmo’s globe valve, there is no need to remove the entire valve from the pipeline when repairing or replacing the sealing element. It is really suitable for those conditions that the valve and the pipeline are welded together. When the medium passes through this valve, the flow direction will be changed, so its flow resistance is higher than other valves. When the globe valve starts to turn to fully open position, as the valve flap drops, the fluid creates a pressure difference before and after the valve flap to prevent the valve flap from falling, and this resistance will increase rapidly with the valve flap drops.


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