KRTG1W4F-16C Gas cartridge strainer

category Chinese standard
serial number
product Gas cartridge strainer

product 2
natural gas cartridge strainer
lpg cartridge strainer
Gas cartridge filter
natural gas cartridge filter
lpg cartridge filter
model KRTG1W4F-16C
Connection standard GB /JB / HG /
design standards JB/T7538
The main material 20#
Flange hole size
GB/T9119+Spiral groove
Nominal diameter (MM) DN25-DN400
Nominal pressure (MPA) 1.6-6.3
Filter element body 304
Gasket PTFE
Flange sealing surface (RF)/ (FF)
Connection Type FLANGE
Applicable medium gas
Design temperature -29~+60℃
Product Introduction Product Introduction
The KRTG1W4F strainer is an indispensable device in the pipe system that conveys gas and other media. It is generally used in such transportation and distribution systems as gas off-take stations, gas distribution stations and gas stations, playing its important role in protecting pressure controllers, flow meters, valves and other equipment in the system.
Features of Product
It is used to filter particulate impurities in natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other transport media, and protect the valves, flow meters, pressure regulation and other equipment.
The strainer is composed of shell, filter element, removable flange (or quick opening device) upper cover and sewage outlet. Removable flange cover is convenient for removing or replacing the filter element.
The filter element of kmo is made of stainless steel wire mesh or non-woven fabric. The filter area is large and the pressure loss is small. The filtered particles are concentrated at the bottom of the filter and discharged from the sewage outlet. The stainless steel wire mesh filter element can be washed and reused many times.
The filter screen can be set according to the user's needs. The filter accuracy is generally divided into 5μm (non-woven fabric), 20μm and 50μm.
The product can be optionally equipped with a differential pressure gauge. When the filter screen is blocked and the pressure loss value increases, please remove and wash the filter element or replace a new one.
The product has such features, like small body shape, high filtration accuracy, good filtration effect, low cost, short drainage time, and easy to install and maintain. For small models, it only takes 5-10 minutes to install.

Notes for Use
Keep the filter cavity clean before installation to prevent impurities from entering and affecting the use effect.
According to the working conditions on site, it is recommended to periodically drain and clean the filter.
kmo reminds that when impurities accumulate to a certain extent and block the filter element, it is recommended to clean the filter element. The cleaning sequence is to ensure that there is no pressure and medium in the inner cavity, take out the detachable filter element, and then use a brush to gently remove impurities, and reinstall it after it is cleaned. If the cleanliness of the filter element still cannot meet the demand after cleaning, it is recommended to replace the filter element with a new one.

After each cleaning, you need to re-test to ensure the tightness of the product, and replace the air in the filter with nitrogen.
Closing the intake valve before venting, after the pressure is stable then slowly open the two intake valves at the same time , to avoid damage to the differential pressure gauge caused by excessive unilateral pressure.


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