KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer

KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer
KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer KCBG3W4F Magnetic rod strainer
category Chinese standard
serial number
product Magnetic rod strainer
product 2 Magnetic rod filter
model KCBG3W4F-0.3P-5/0.8
Connection standard GB /JB / HG / DIN/
design standards JB/T7538
The main material 304
Flange hole size GB/T9119
Nominal diameter (MM) DN25-DN150
Nominal pressure (MPA) 0.3
Filter element body 304
Gasket PTFE
Flange sealing surface (RF)/ (FF)
Connection Type FLANGE
Applicable medium Iron filings and other easily absorbed articles/铁屑及易吸杂质
Design temperature -10~+60℃
Product Introduction Product Introduction
KCBG3W4F magnetic rod strainer is suitable for the filtration of liquid in the production of petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, light industry, water treatment, municipal engineering and so on. The strainer is usually installed in front of pipeline equipment such as flow meters and pipeline valves, to protect the equipment and pipelines from clogging and wear. The magnetic strainer is used to separate the fine iron filings contained from the liquid medium, so as to meet the technological requirements of the liquid medium. This product has good magnetism, good iron removal effect, and easy to filter iron filings. The kmo's products have the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance and easy cleaning. When the liquid enters the filter through the main pipe, the components containing fine iron dust will be adsorbed on the magnetic rod sleeve, and the clean fluid is discharged from the filter outlet. When the filter needs to be cleaned, removing the flange cover firstly, and taking out the magnetic rod, then rinsing off the attachment on the outer magnetic rod sleeve after demagnetization, and then re-install it.
Features of Product

The filter uses a permanent magnetic rod, the maximum magnetism can reach 10000GS.
Strong magnetic force, good iron removal effect, easy to filter iron filings and other advantages.
The surface finish of the bar magnet can meet the requirements of food grade.
The magnetic source is made of high-performance permanent magnetic materials, and the magnetic force is 2-4 times higher than that of similar conventional magnetic materials.
Product Installation
The product is recommended to be installed horizontally. When it is installed, please note that the medium flow direction must be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the casing.
In order to facilitate maintenance, it is recommended to install and use this product together with shut-off valves. Shut-off valves should be installed both upstream and downstream of this product. When the product needs maintenance, the upstream and downstream valves can be closed to cut off its connection with the system.
Regularly check the amount of iron filings around the magnet bar for timely cleaning.
In order not to affect the normal use of the piping system when servicing the product, kmo recommends that it is best to install a bypass line at the same time as the installation. When the strainer is working well, the shut-off valve should be closed. When the strainer needs maintenance, you can open the shut-off valve .
When you install this product, please pay attention to reserve a certain space for daily maintenance and repair.

The magnet bar must be placed in a clean place after being pulled out. There must be no water in the magnet bar sleeve.
During cleaning, the extracted magnetic rod cover cannot be placed on a metal object to prevent damage to the magnetic rod.
Connecting the interface of the magnetic filter to the slurry output pipeline, making the slurry flow evenly through the filter. After a period of trial, the cleaning cycle can be set.
When you clean the strainer, loosening the clamping screw on the cover, and taking out the casing cover parts, and then pulling out the magnetic rod, the iron impurities adsorbed on the casing will fall off automatically this time. After cleaning, install the sleeve into the cylinder body when installing again, tighten the clamping screw, and then insert the magnetic rod cover into the sleeve, you can continue to use.


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