Reverse transportation of natural gas from Tarim Oilfield to Limin pipeline netw

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As of February 20, Tarim Oilfield reversed the natural gas transmission to the pipeline network of natural gas for the benefit of the people in South Xinjiang, reaching 160 million cubic meters, which fully guaranteed the warm winter for the people of all ethnic groups in South Xinjiang.

Since last winter, Kashgar, Hetian, Kezhou and other three prefectures in South Xinjiang are in urgent need of gas consumption in winter. Tarim Oilfield decided to start the reverse gas transmission from the west east gas transmission pipeline network to the South Xinjiang natural gas benefit project pipeline network. This is the first time for Tarim Oilfield to start this work.

In 2014, Yingmaili Gas transmission station added a reverse process flow in the gas transmission station through process transformation, realizing the interconnection between the pipeline network of South Xinjiang natural gas benefiting people project and the pipeline network of west east gas transmission, with a daily transmission capacity of up to 2 million cubic meters.

At the beginning of November 2016, Yingmaili Gas Transmission initial station of Lunnan storage and transportation station of Tarim Oilfield was put into operation successfully, which provided guarantee for the mutual allocation of natural gas pipeline network and Yingmaili Lunnan natural gas pipeline. At the same time, the pipeline operation Department of the oil and gas transportation and marketing department will intensify the monitoring frequency of the gas transmission valve chambers such as the Yinglun line, and focus on the inspection of the pipeline crossing section, the front and rear sections of the valve chamber and other important parts.

The oil and gas transportation and marketing department of Tarim Oilfield strengthens operation management, reasonably allocates natural gas, arranges competent forces to be on duty, continuously strengthens pipeline data analysis, encrypts water dew point detection, carefully checks the operation of single equipment to ensure gas supply safety and quality.

In order to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurement data collected from the pipeline network of Nanjiang natural gas benefit project, the oil and gas transportation and marketing department of Tarim Oilfield sent two flow meters for inspection in November last year and February this year respectively to monitor the gas supply pressure in real time. The daily gas supply increased from 800000 cubic meters at the end of December last year to 2 million cubic meters at present.

The circular network of natural gas pipeline network in Tarim oilfield can not only meet the gas demand of South Xinjiang, but also provide stable gas source for West to east gas transmission, so as to realize the flexible allocation of natural gas, which is of great significance for the oilfield to play the overall pipeline network benefit and scientific and reasonable distribution and transmission.

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